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21 Lessons for the 21st Century

Sons of Cain: A History of Serial Killers from the Stone Age to the Present

The Tangled Tree: A Radical New History of Life

Boom Town: The Fantastical Saga of Oklahoma City, Its Chaotic Founding, Its Apocalyptic Weather, Its Purloined Basketball Team, and the Dream of Becoming a World-class Metropolis

The World in a Grain: The Story of Sand and How It Transformed Civilization

The Fighters: Americans in Combat in Afghanistan and Iraq

Playing to the Gods: Sarah Bernhardt, Eleonora Duse, and the Rivalry that Changed Acting Forever

Into the Hands of the Soldiers: Freedom and Chaos in Egypt and the Middle East

Playing Changes: Jazz for the New Century

An Informal History of the Hugos

Roller-Coaster: Europe, 1950-2017

Founding Martyr: The Life and Death of Dr. Joseph Warren, the American Revolution&

Spooked!: How a Radio Broadcast and the War of the Worlds Sparked the 1938 Invasion of America

Palestine: A Four Thousand Year History

Lords of the Desert: The Battle Between the US and Great Britain for Supremacy in the Modern Middle East

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Fear: Trump in the White House

The Tattooist of Auschwitz

Beneath a Scarlet Sky

Sea of Memories

White Rose, Black Forest

The Coming Storm

Norse Mythology

Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis

21 Lessons for the 21st Century

Factfulness: Ten Reasons We&

Land of Hidden Fires

Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI

We Were the Lucky Ones

Black Klansman: Race, Hate, and the Undercover Investigation of a Lifetime

A Column of Fire (Kingsbridge,

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Popular History Books

Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies

The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair That Changed America

The Diary of a Young Girl


Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

A Short History of Nearly Everything

Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience and Redemption

Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln

Night (The Night Trilogy,

John Adams

The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich: A History of Nazi Germany

1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus

Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee: An Indian History of the American West

The Guns of August

The Professor and the Madman: A Tale of Murder, Insanity and the Making of the Oxford English Dictionary