Virtue & Vengeance (Empire Sevens #2)

A recovering sex addict should never be faced with such temptation. But there she was, working in my casino and teasing me to the edge of insanity. Thanks to her, I did the one thing I swore I wouldnt do. I relapsed. Falling off the wagon and so deeply into her I thought I might never find my way back to sanity. Everything is different with Eden, and Ill do anything to keep her. Even if it means risking everything Ive worked my entire life for. ..

Virtue & Vengeance (Empire Sevens #2) Reviews

Virtue & Vengeance (Empire Sevens #2)

Ugh I loved the ending to this awesome duo! Eden was still everything I had needed her to be while she slid her way over, under, around and through all of Zander's walls. He was still strong and demanding and ever the Alpha we all crave. I wanted to hate Zander during parts of this but I just couldn't do it..... I think I love him, and gah the ending.... yeah definitely the HEA I always crave!

There were a few minor grammar errors but nothing worth remembering.

Virtue & Vengeance (Empire Sevens #2)
Stacy Bradley

This 2nd installment is just as hot and steamy as the first one, if not possibly more! Eden and Zander are like fire together, their story keeps you on the edge of your seat and getting to the end is totally worth it.

Virtue & Vengeance (Empire Sevens #2)
Maria Angie Mendoza

After the cliffhanger in Vanilla and Vice, this is book 2 in the Empire Seven series this installment couldn’t land fast enough in my kindle!

This is not a standalone!

I got my fix and I devoured it in one sitting.

Fast paced easy read, this hot passionate read is the much anticipated continuation of the saga between Zander and Eve.

Intense, action packed and full of sexual tension, the cat and mouse game between Zander and Eve was a passionate roller coaster ride I didn’t want to see end.

Virtue & Vengeance (Empire Sevens #2)
Nancy Metsch

Both books from Empire sevens have made my top 20 for 2018

Zander Hale is my favorite male character he made it easy to hate him and then fall in love with him.It was hard for him to let anyone to close. But with Eden Vaughn all his walls crumbled into a huge heap.

He's scary one moment then loving the next. But I think the the part of this book that really stands out for me is the Charity event he invited Eden to be his date to. That night all his boundaries fell and he realized there was some

Virtue & Vengeance (Empire Sevens #2)

Review of Virtue and Vengeance (Empire Sevens #2) by Tabatha Vargo and Melissa Andrea

Review done for Hooked on Books

5 out of 5 stars

I was so excited to see this book come through my kindle! It was definitely worth the wait.

Book two in the series continues right where book one left off. I wanted to slap Zander at the end of book one but he definitely redeems himself.

I loved how Eden didn’t let Zander take her spunk away. She was still strong and sassy as ever.

Eden past comes back to haunt her big

Virtue & Vengeance (Empire Sevens #2)

After the first murder the rest come easy...

Continuation of Vanilla and Vice (warning this gives some clues as to what happens in book one, but no spoilers for book two), where the sex addict falls off the wagon when he meets his right hand in charge casino's virginal niece. Not only does he fall he crashes hard and almost loses it. Fast paced, witty, romantic, and suspenseful. And now a bit about the story...

What was Eden thinking, oh yeah... it wasn't really he brain in charge ;) When she fina

Virtue & Vengeance (Empire Sevens #2)

WOW!!! This book is amazing! I am a huge fan of Tabatha's Blow Hole Boys Series so when I saw Vanilla and Vice I knew I had to read it! I loved book one in the Empire Sevens series, but Virtue and Vengeance just blew me away! Eden and Zander are just so amazing! FIVE STARS!!

Virtue & Vengeance (Empire Sevens #2)
Tanya Rae ~ TaSTy WordGasms

Virtue and Vengeance is the second book in the Empire Sevens Series. I really am loving this series and the writing. This duo team writes seamlessly together

In book 1 Eden had run from a horrible home life to her Aunt Kennedy. Her Aunt helps her get a job. Zander pursues Eden and then ends up firing her. Now she runs from Zander after he fires her. Her troubles begin. Zander is fighting the “L” word. He thinks he can love one person and that is his sister. This is the story of him trying really