Two Kingdoms (The Dark Side #3)

I'm getting a little tired of completing my goals, only to have the bar raised too substantially for me to transition at a productive pace...I started off as a sad little ghost with an impossible crush on four really hot, Gothic guys with some attitude problems. Now I'm The Apocalypse, they're the Four Horsemen, and Lucifer is my fucked up daddy. Now my additional goals look like this?Goal #9: Make a deal with the Devil without getting cheated, manipulated, or tricked.Goal #10: Make my boys love me and take over the maybe just that first part. That second part sounds like it could take too much ambition, and I just don't have the drive for that.Goal #11: Make cookies.Goal #12: Call dibs on my favorite color.Goal #13: Find out if my siblings or my father killed me and my boys...**Sexual Content**Dark humor**Reverse Harem**Language warning..

Two Kingdoms (The Dark Side #3) Reviews

Two Kingdoms (The Dark Side #3)
Jessica-❥Chatterbooks Book Blog❥

I need more damn it!! 😭

Two Kingdoms (The Dark Side #3)
Waleska 'Wally' Floyd

Paca what happened

To say , I have been anxiously awaiting to read Two Kingdoms would be an understatement! The first two books were outstanding and phenomenally written . I read and re-read them few times so when finally after almost six months of waiting what we get it isn't at par with the previous books, you ask WTH happened.

This book is nothing like the others two in many ways , beginning with the fact that nothing happens. It's slow-going , it's confusing and underwhelming. Where before the

Two Kingdoms (The Dark Side #3)

3 - 3 1/2 stars

I REALLY expected/wanted to love Two Kingdoms like I did with the first 2 in the series, but it just didn't grab me on this occasion.

After the second book, going into this one I thought Paca's guys would maybe show her some more love, but at times they still APPEARED to treat her with what amounted to me as indifference. And Yeah - I did think there would be more hot scenes between them as a group, maybe in the next book??

Plot wise I still enjoyed the read, but it just felt a l

Two Kingdoms (The Dark Side #3)
❤Rachel Anne's Romance Must Reads❤

I need the next one!!!

This series is only getting better! I can't wait for the next book. The only downside is I wish there had been more steam. With a RH, I sort of expect that. But whatever, this was amazing!

Easy 5 stars!

Two Kingdoms (The Dark Side #3)
Al *the serial series skipper*

I didn't like this one as much. I feel like this is just book 2 recycled at a slower pace. The whole premise of this book is finding out who killed Paca and it takes forever to find out.

The entire book just felt like a filler while we wait for the last book. I am still curious to see what happens so I will be waiting for the next one.

Two Kingdoms (The Dark Side #3)
Gaby★Me Myshelf and I★

Did not blow me away like books 1 and 2 did

I'm a bit let down to be honest. Firstly I wish I had re read book 2 so I would have been in a better position to pick this back up again. It jumps in right where the second left off and it took a while to get back into the characters and remember what had happened before.

Paca is still the same smart-mouthed hilarious antihero we know and love. She comes out with some real cracker one liiners in this and I wanted to highlight and share them all.

"I nee

Two Kingdoms (The Dark Side #3)
⚔ Sh3lly - Cranky Crone of Rabid Hedgehogs and Fire Breathing Kittens ⚔

Okay, so this one wasn't quite as good as the first two, but you know what? It was still fun and SO MUCH better than 99% of reverse harem out there. This series is still top of my list, third ONLY to Seraph Black and Curse of the Gods

This really feels like an extension of book two. Lucifer is still playing his games and Paca (The Apocalypse) and her Four Horsemen are still forced to undergo tests, like being swallowed by a hell monster and having to break your way out of its throat.

The angels ge

Two Kingdoms (The Dark Side #3)
Marguerite (Lady RH) ❀

Expected publication: June 29th

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