Working for Bigfoot (The Dresden Files #15.5)

"B is for Bigfoot" takes place between Fool Moon and Grave Peril. "I Was a Teenage Bigfoot" takes place circa Deadbeat. "Bigfoot on Campus" takes place between Turn Coat and Changes.Chicago wizard-for-hire Harry Dresden is used to mysterious clients with long hair and legs up to here. But when it turns out the long hair covers every square inch of his latest clients body, and the legs contribute to a nine-foot height, even the redoubtable detective realizes hes treading new ground. Strength of a River in His Shoulders is one of the legendary forest people, a Bigfoot, and he has a problem that only Harry can solve. His son Irwin is a scion, the child of a supernatural creature and a human. Hes a good kid, but the extraordinary strength of his magical aura has a way of attracting trouble.In the three novellas that make upWorking For Bigfoot, collected together for the first time here, readers encounter Dresden at different points in his storied career, and in Irwins life. As a middle-sch..

Working for Bigfoot (The Dresden Files #15.5) Reviews

Working for Bigfoot (The Dresden Files #15.5)

A fun addition to the Dresden Files. Fairly predictable, though. I like reading about Bigfoot, though. Well read.

Working for Bigfoot (The Dresden Files #15.5)

I listened to the audio, and it was great fun! A very quick, but interesting listen. I enjoyed the humour, the characters and the different cases. I think you could listen to this at any point in the series, as there are no spoilers for the main story line.

Working for Bigfoot (The Dresden Files #15.5)

I think I need to reread this entire series. I miss Harry

Working for Bigfoot (The Dresden Files #15.5)

A nice mixture of the combination of comedy and earnestness that is key to the Harry Dresden character. Entertaining.

Working for Bigfoot (The Dresden Files #15.5)
✿Emma-Louise Violet

Jim Butcher - The Bigfoot Trilogy

Part 1 - ''B is for Bigfoot" (Dresden Files Book 2.5)

Part 2 - ''I was a Teenage Bigfoot'' (Dresden Files Book 6.5)

Part 3 - ''Bigfoot on Campus" (Dresden Files Book 11.9)

The Harry Dresden Bigfoot novella collection were originally published in

Part 1 - Under My Hat: Tales from the Cauldron

Part 2 - Blood Lite III: Aftertaste

Part 3 - Hex Appeal

Working for Bigfoot (The Dresden Files #15.5)
Michael Bates

Plot-5 Stars

Characters-5 Stars

Setting-3 Stars

This book doesn't introduce you to nothing new and certainly nothing life altering in the Dresden universe but it is just a funny story with Dresden in it. If you are waiting for the next Dresden book, or have read them all and just want a little Dresden in your life, this is the book for you. A quick read, funny, and it has Bigfoot in it. Nuff said.

Overall just a great little book for what it is. A filler.

Working for Bigfoot (The Dresden Files #15.5)

4-4.5 stars

This trio of stories was really enjoyable. The description gives a good rundown of what the stories are about. I will say that I liked both Irving and his dad (Bigfoot) and was glad that Harry was able to help them out. They were very good and I'd recommend these stories....TBH, these are removed from the main series enough, I think they could be read by people that haven't tried the series.

* note - I listened to the audio version of this story and James Marsters did a great job with

Working for Bigfoot (The Dresden Files #15.5)

A good collection of stories that cover the times when the only wizard listed in the Chicago phone book is hired a bigfoot. It feels like a nice throw back to the early days of the Dresden series, when every problem he came across didn't involve massive forces of the supernatural world heading for an apocalypse of one kind or another.

My one complaint is the organization of the stories. The second and third stories should have been switched to maintain a chronological order to events. It robs som